Add Your Event To Our Concert Calendar!

You can put in dates for your group, church or special event.
The more dates, the better, anywhere in the country!

PLEASE follow these simple directions and rules carefully.

Use the form below to enter your concert dates.

Please enter one date at a time.
If your event runs over several days, enter each day's date and info separately.
(To make it easier to add multiple dates, press the back button after you press the Add button and simply change the date)

Please check your spelling and read your entry for accuracy before pushing the Add button.
Be sure to enter the information exactly as the examples show to ensure proper placement of your entry on the calendar!!

If you make a mistake, tell me how to correct it for you by email.

Please include street addresses so people can actually find the concert!

We reserve the right to reject or edit any entry for any reason.
Please use proper capitalization and punctuation.
Do NOT use all capital letters.

Do not place any HTML code in any of the blanks.
Do not use web site addresses unless that site is already listed in our directory. (How to join)
This is not the place to post your entire life history!
Do not advertise any commercial goods or services.
Events featuring a mix of Christian and secular music or activities permitted at our discretion.
I review every entry submitted!

Sloppy input of data makes the calendar look shabby!
Please clean up your act or risk having your dates deleted!

Type of Event
Please choose an event type from the drop down menu.
Event Date (Very Important)
Enter the date and starting time of your event as shown:
Do not write out the date. Do not use periods on pm or am
If time is unknown, you may enter only date.
People have been missing the time in this blank. It places you in the right place on the calendar!

 Example:   1-17-2005 2:30pm

Add the Starting Time as shown above!!!!!!!

Month and Year
select the month and year from the pull down menus.
It is critical that all of this information is entered correctly so that your event shows up in the correct place on the calendar!!
If your event is more than one day, add each day as a new event. (There is an easy way to do this shown on the next page after you push the Add button)
Times of Event
Enter the starting and ending times for the event. This will show under the date. Space is limited, see examples: >>>

10:45 am to 2:00 pm
or All Day or
6:00 pm Dinner, 7:00 pm Concert
Title of the Event
Example: The Allegheny Gospel Festival
or The Gospel Messengers In Concert
Do not use "quotation marks" in the title.

Please do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
or any "quotation marks" in this blank .
Description of Event
You can write as many details as absolutely necessary in this blank.
PLEASE be sure to include the name of the church, or location of the event, the address
who is performing and the nature of the event. You can also put phone numbers for more info or reservations. Use proper capitalization. Please do not use all capital letters. They are hard to read on the screen. Please read your information over for accuracy and to help avoid mistakes!! Please, no web site addresses unless that site is already listed in our directory. (Join)

City and State
Please put only the city and select the two letter state abreviation for the town the event is being held in.
Email Address
Fill this in with only your email address, if you would like to have an email link for people to contact you about getting additional information about this event.
May be left blank if desired.
Push Button To Add Your Event
Push the button ONCE to add your event.
If you get an error message, be sure you have filled in the blanks exactly like the examples, especially the blank used for the date and starting time of the event. If that information is not entered as shown, the form may not work correctly, or your event may not show on the calendar!
That's all there is to it!