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The Vision

"He had a vision and in the vision he was carried high into the sky where he was flying with legions of Angels who were waiting to carry the little children to heaven when they died." (The inspiration for the song lyrics "Starvation")

Did you know that 30,000 children under the age of five die every day in the world from starvation even though there is food enough on earth to feed them?

The "Angels" website is dedicated to helping the little children who need a helping hand. We pray that you will help us put an end to this catastrophic calamity. We thank God and all who are helping "Angels" with their prayers and monetary donations.

Even though "Angels" is not a recognized charity by the I.R.S., we were able to donate over $6,000 to the following tax deductable charities for the calendar year 2008.

Christian Children's Fund, Richmond, VA
$  975.00
St. Jude Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN
World Vision, Federal Way, WA
Asian Relief, Washington, D.C.
Covenant House, New York, NY
The Smile Train, New York, NY
Fairhaven Rescue Mission, Covington, KY
2008 Total:  

Make a $50 or more check or money order payable to any of the above listed tax deductable charities and mail it to me along with your name, address, and zip code and I will forward your check to your designated charity and send you a copy of my C.D. "Starvation" free of charge.

Contact Information

c/o John Motz
117 Brent Spence Square Apt. 930 West
Covington KY 41011

(859) 291-1901

You can send E-Mail.


Starvation CD cover 1. Muddle'n in March
2. Who Brought the Roses
3. The Old Woman
4. Everybody's Gal
5. The Little Red Bird
6. Jesus Calls Me
7. Starvation
8. Doris
9. The Moonlight Waltz
10. Endlessly
11. Dancing with Angels
12. Harlan County Law
13. Roses Ere Bloomimg
14. The Beatitudes
15. The Sinners Waltz
16. Eunuch's Song

CDs of the album "Starvation" are available by sending $20 to the address above or at our live performances.

Audio Clip

Listen to an audio clip of "Starvation" (1:42, 1.16 meg file)

From the CD titled "Starvation"
"Starvation" Copyright © 2008 by John Motz including all words voice and music. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized use is prohibited by copyright law and is subject to fines and penalties.

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