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The Praise Brothers

The Praise Brothers

Jon Evans and Mark Ellis were doing concerts together for nearly two years before they realized God’s plan for them was to blend their voices in harmony. Up to that point they had been sharing programs but had rarely shared songs. Since becoming The Praise Brothers and merging their God-given talents, Jon and Mark and their audiences have discovered that they make joyful music together, as well as combining their quick wit and humor for a fun time that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

A gospel singer since his youth with a background in church choirs, Jon has performed in churches and meeting halls across New England. Despite his New Hampshire roots, he loves Southern and Country Gospel and has made those styles the mainstays of his performances. He is joined in his travels by Lynks, a service dog trained for work in ministry by the NEADS Organization of Princeton, Mass.  Jon and Lynks reside in Brattleboro, VT.

Mark is a lifelong entertainer who became a Christian singer in the mid-1990s when he gave his life to God. A classically trained pianist, Mark has been writing and performing music since his early teens and has released five CD’s of original Christian songs. He and his wife Sonya, who is a religious signer and interprets their music for the deaf and hard of hearing, have ministered as the Lighthouse Song and Sign Ministry in churches, coffeehouses, and concert halls all over the East Coast as well as in Nova Scotia and Barbados. They reside in Gardner, Mass.

The Praise Brothers bring their own style of praise – a praise that combines faith and fun to venues around New England. They will also provide sign language interpretation when needed. Their concerts feature original and popular songs.

Booking Information

For booking information contact:

Mark Ellis or Jon Evans
280 Chestnut Street
Gardner, MA 01440


You can also Email Mark or Jon

Appearance Schedule

No Dates Currently Listed.
Please check back soon!


Information on recordings can be obtained by using the contact info above.

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You can Email Mark or Jon to request more information.

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